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The Body Re-Shape System (BRS) is a proven system that harnesses the power of eating natural foods combined with strength training to slow down the aging of the body by optimizing hormones responsible for fat loss. By making this system a lifestyle, you’ll achieve your best body ever while living the second half of life with strength and energy.




Healthy chicken breast & salad meal.


The BRS utilizes a proprietary nutrition system for shopping, preparing, cooking, and storing healthy meals. It also includes videos demonstrating how to perform advanced food preparation sessions so your meals are ready to eat in less than 10 minutes. This eliminates the daily hassle of cooking and cleanup to save you a lot of time.

The nutrition component of the program includes a unique recipe guide demonstrating strategies developed specifically for those with a fast-paced lifestyle that are short on time.

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Dumbbell rack for active lifestyle

With the BRS, you get video demonstrations that takes you step-by-step by the hand showing exactly how to perform every muscle-shaping exercise for proper growth of lean muscle.

Powerful changes to your hormones will help burn fat, shape your body and prevent the loss of the age-related disease called sarcopenia, or wasting of muscle tissue. This will also increase your basal metabolic rate even while you’re not exercising. By improving your hormone profile during middle age, you’ll slow the aging process while living a youthful lifestyle.

In addition to the workout videos, food preparation videos, and recipe guide, you will also receive an example two-week calorie and macronutrient schedule to use as a comparison with your eating plan.

You will also receive access to the BRS private forum so you can post photos of your meals, progress, questions and concerns 24/7 during your transformation period.

Closeup of young slim woman with six-pack torso.

Closeup of young slim woman with six-pack torso.

The BRS separates this program from all others. Without it you have a small chance for permanently losing fat and sculpting your body. Many people fail to understand that weight loss has very little to do with working out.

Diet is responsible for about 80 percent of your fat-loss, especially when it comes to losing belly fat.

The BRS was created as a sustainable lifestyle, not a short-term gimmick that fails to produce lasting results. A healthy, attractive body is truly the greatest asset you own.

Scottsdale Health Feb 2013

Phil Hoffman on cover of Scottsdale Health Feb 2013

Philip is well known for cutting through the fallacies and defying the gimmicks and fads that run rampant in the fitness and weight loss industry. His Body Re-Shape System was developed around a no-nonsense, sustainable lifestyle approach for those who are serious and understand that hard work combined with an intelligent, strategic approach using tricks and tips learned and acquired during many years in the industry. Philip reveals everything he’s learned about developing the best body you can achieve during the second half of your life.

Philip backs his system by showing you first-hand how he personally lives his life. He puts his money where his mouth is by making the BRS his lifestyle. Philip has created the only system in the world of its kind and he’s determined to show everyone that’s in need of his system that it’s the key for transforming your body into one you never dreamed achievable.

Now it’s up to you to follow his lead. Your life will never be the same!



12-Week Body Re-Shape System
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