ABOUTPhilip J. Hoffman MS, MBA

Philip Hoffman is a world-renowned body transformation expert, specializing in coaching middle-age clients with building muscle + fat loss.

  • Bachelor of science in biology
  • Master of science in molecular biology & biochemistry
  • Certified sports nutritionist, CSSN
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Fitness and lifestyle model

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The Body Re-Shape System (BRS) is a proven Body Transformation System that harnesses the power of eating natural foods combined with strength training with weights to slow down the aging of your body by optimizing hormones responsible for fat loss. Because this system was developed as a sustainable lifestyle you’ll never encounter the weight loss yo-yo effect and achieve your best body ever while enjoying the second half of life, something most people in the western world never experience because of chronic health issues that can be avoided if you take action.


  • Are you eating the proper foods to maintain a lean muscular body?

  • Do you know which training methods are best for shaping and defining your body?

  • Why is it so difficult to lose that stubborn belly fat?

  • Are "cheat meals" really ok?

  • If these questions are important to your health, you may want to read more about this.. Have you noticed the overwhelming and contradictory amount of information in the fitness and weight loss industry? No wonder Americans continue to fight fat with very poor results. The e-book that accompanies the Body Re-Shape System removes this confusion once and for all. Within its pages, you'll learn the tricks to finally succeed in your goal to develop a lean & defined body.

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  • 12-Week Body Re-Shape System
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