• Powerful workout & nutrition strategies for building lean muscle and burning fat

    The HoffmanFit Lean Body Look is a highly effective approach for developing a lean, strong, shapely and muscular body by synergistically combining the training and nutrition strategies that Philip has uniquely developed over his more than three-decade career as a fitness and nutrition expert. His methods were designed and best utilized by individuals that desire to develop an attractive body that looks and feels great both in clothes and on the beach.

    Belonging to the baby-boomer generation himself, Philip understands the difficulties the majority of the population encounters when it comes to losing body fat, developing lean muscle, increasing energy levels, and simply feeling strong and striving to look your best. The toll that life takes on individuals after the age of 40 begins to accelerate, and unless action is taken using powerful and sustainable strategies to prevent this process, the body continues to deteriorate.

    Although society loves to tell us that getting old and experiencing many of the health conditions of today is “normal”, I personally disagree. I believe it’s safe to say that as much as 80% of the diseases we suffer today are simply “lifestyle-related” diseases. By making significant changes to our dietary habits and embracing an exercise program, the majority of these lifestyle diseases could be avoided.
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    The HoffmanFit System (HFS) is the only muscle building and fat loss program that includes a unique meal preparation system for guaranteeing a lean and defined body at any age.  The HFS is the missing link for achieving the sculpted body you’ve always dreamed of.
    Although the HFS is simple in design, until now no other program has offered a solution for quick preparation of fat burning meals combined with a muscle building workouts to get your body shredded.

    Meet the founder

    Philip J. Hoffman is the founder and president of HoffmanFit. He is a fitness and nutrition expert, and author and blogger, with over 30 years of training and experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. HoffmanFit is an online fitness, nutrition, consulting and publishing company that provides health, nutrition, and fat loss solutions for its members.Philip started as a high school gymnast, which led to a career in competitive bodybuilding. After several years of training, Philip won two state body building championships.

    Do Women Bulk-Up by Lifting Heavy Weights?

    I dedicate this article to all the women who have been deceived, duped and downright lied to by the media, women’s fitness magazines and anyone else attempting to profit on selling women worthless information and exercise gadgets.
    Millions of women have been deprived of what I believe to be the most empowering method of training for improving the body. All because of the myth that lifting heavy weights will cause you to develop a bulky-looking body.
    The myth never seems to die, and the question never stops being asked: will women get bulked-up if they lift heavy weights?
    For more than 25 years women have asked me this question, and my answer has always remained the same: you’re much more likely to get bulky (read fat) if you don’t lift weights.